Pine Boards 180

Picton Pine Board is the perfect solution to your DIY project needs. This well crafted, natural pine grained Hobby Board has multiple uses and can be finished any way you like. 
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PICTON PINE BOARD 18x1750x250mm
Item No. PPB1825
HOBBY BOARD 5099114015654
PICTON PINE BOARD 18x1750x300mm
Item No. PPB1830
HOBBY BOARD 5099114015661
PICTON PINE BOARD 18x1750x400mm
Item No. PPB1840
HOBBY BOARD 5099114015890
PICTON PINE BOARD 18x1750x500mm
Item No. PPB1850
HOBBY BOARD 5099114015906
PICTON PINE BOARD 18x1750x600mm
Item No. PPB1860
HOBBY BOARD 5099114015913

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